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About me....

A good florist is always slightly crazy or a bit 'out there!.' here’s a shortish blog about me! My name is Sarah and I am the owner of The Garden Room Flower Co. Goring-On-Thames. My creativity all started when I was very young, having the love for the outdoors and creating things out of what I could see, feel and touch, wether it would be what was going in the Recycling bin or going for a walk finding unusual things to get imaginative with. I absolutely loved drawing as a child but as I got older I found there really wasn’t much time to draw at all and it was all about hands on creation! As I got older I found myself going in and out of different jobs that really weren’t at all for me. Eventually the time came when I decided to take the plunge and go and train to be a fully qualified florist, which I did at The Berkshire College of Agriculture, Maidenhead and I remember thinking OMG could I really do this?? Can I really make a hand tied bouquet in 10 minutes?? Yikes! .........but I loved it!!! I have worked in some fantastic florist shops over the past 20 years and I have learnt a lot about the industry... both the good and the bad!!!! My real creativity hasn’t truly come out until now. I love doing my own kind of floristry with a twist of Norwegian Scandi vibes and being my own boss is actually very satisfying! I wouldn’t be doing what I am today if it wasn’t for some very special people of course who have helped me along this incredible floral journey.......My Mum and Dad for funding me throughout college in the early days and for pushing me to go for it and for the last 16 years my wonderful husband Martin who helps inspire me everyday and keep me motivated x ! Also of course my two gorgeous little boys who make me realise what is really important in life x This exciting adventure continues to challenge but I am ready and more ambitious than ever to make it succeed and I will do this without ever giving up my true personality when it comes to style and artistry! My new motto is definitely ‘innovate don’t imitate’! Thanks for taking the time to read about my story so far and I hope you too can feel inspired to follow your dreams! Sarah x

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